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Date of Emergence of Bees and Wasps post25Apr2018

Emergence of Bees and Wasps

  With the recent warm weather bees and wasps have started to appear, and so have the phone calls from customers saying that they have an issue with bees or wasps and have a nest in their house/garden. At this time of year, the queen wasps are just starting to emerge from hibernation and are […]

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Date of Solving the bird issue before they nest post09Apr2018

Solving the bird issue before they nest

Birds, such as feral pigeons and seagulls, can cause major problems around buildings, especially when they begin to roost and nest. Apart from being a nuisance and damaging property and goods, their droppings pose a significant hazard to our health. For the majority of UK bird species, once they have started to nest, they cannot […]

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