Autumn is on its way

Rodent ControlAfter a warm summer, the weather has started to turn and the temperatures have dropped. With this drop in temperature some pests are on the move and looking for somewhere a bit warmer to spend the winter. These are some of the pests to look out for as winter approaches.

Rodents – Both rats and mice are keen to look for warm and sheltered places to live over the winter months. This often results in them deciding to enter homes, garages or outbuildings. For more information on rats and mice, click here.

Cluster flies – These flies hibernate in houses over the winter and can be a huge nuisance due to the vast numbers that can accumulate. They do not pose any risk to human health. For more information on cluster flies, read our blog from a couple of years ago here.

Ladybirds – These are not your typical pest, but they can also be a nuisance when they appear in large numbers. As the temperature drops, ladybirds seek somewhere warm to hibernate for the winter and often end up in houses. Sometimes there can be hundreds hibernating in the same place.

If you think you may some unwanted visitors in your house this autumn, get in touch with Pest Solution’s friendly and knowledgeable staff by clicking here.

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