More information about Rat Flaps

Many media sites have been reporting that there has been an increase in rat infestations during the coronavirus pandemic. But what can you do about it, when they decide to join you in your own home? The best way to control rats is to stop them from getting into your home in the first place. This is a long term solution that will stop any future infestations. Rats frequently enter homes through drains and one way to prevent this is by installing a rat flap in the drain.

A rat flap is essentially a cylinder which fits at the end of pipes and drains. Inside this cylinder, there is a flap which only opens one way. This results in the flap being able to open and allow water and waste to flow out of the system, but not allow anything to come back up the drain system towards the property. It is a highly effective way of stopping rat entry via the drains.

Choosing and fitting the wrong type of rat flap can result in rats still being able to access your property. Fitting the rat flap in the right place provides a long lasting and reliable way to prevent rats. Here are a few top tips for rat flaps:

  • The material – forget about anything made from plastic! These are a cheap alternative, but rats will easily gnaw their way through and you will still have rats entering your property. We always recommend stainless steel rat flaps as they are the most durable.
  • The location – this is very important as if the rat flap is installed in the incorrect location, the rats may find a different route into the property, and the problem will just have moved.
  • The flow rate – installing a rat flap where there is a very high flow rate of water can lead to breakages of the rat flap and in some cases result in rats still being able to enter.
  • Ownership of the drain – check with your local authority as some drains and pipes belong to the water board, so it’s important to make sure the drainage system is yours before installation.

If you would like more information about rat flaps or would like one installed in your drain, get in touch with Pest Solution’s friendly and knowledgeable staff by clicking here.

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