Solving the bird issue before they nest

Feral Pigeon ControlBirds, such as feral pigeons and seagulls, can cause major problems around buildings, especially when they begin to roost and nest. Apart from being a nuisance and damaging property and goods, their droppings pose a significant hazard to our health.

For the majority of UK bird species, once they have started to nest, they cannot legally be disturbed. This means that any work required, must be carried out at specific times of year when birds are not nesting and requires advance planning. Pest Solution can assist in both the clearance of bird nesting materials, bird droppings and associated insect and mite infestations, as well as installing systems to deter birds from nesting and roosting on and around buildings. Deterrents do not harm the birds but prevent them from perching, roosting or nesting. This can be achieved using several methods such as spike deterrent systems and bird netting. For more information on these methods and other deterrent systems, click to see pest proofing.


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